0.6 ACE CEC – Infection prevention and control in fitness facilities

0.6 ACE CEC continuing education course for American Council on Exercise certified fitness professionals about infection prevention and control in fitness facilities – scroll down for a detailed description

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Course description

Fitness facilities provide a space to exercise, build endurance, and improve overall physical and mental health to many people worldwide. However, the shared environment, close contact with others, as well as athletic related activities, have an effect on hygiene, which may pose a health risk for the patrons of fitness facilities. Infection prevention and control aim to diminish these risks while providing a safe environment for both athletes and staff.

As fitness professionals, we ought to be informed about possible risks that fitness facilities can carry and have the right tools to protect not only our clients, but also ourselves. This course was designed to give fitness professionals tools in order to help us be mindful of potential risks while also provide effective infection prevention and control tools through everyday practice.

The course will provide basic scientific knowledge about what infections are, and how they can occur in the fitness setting. You will learn about common infections and specific ways to prevent them from spreading in fitness establishments, and acquire tools to conduct evidence-based, safe facility management.

Course Objectives

Participants who take this course will have an understanding of:

  • What causes infections, how our body protect us from them, and the basic definitions of infection prevention and control
  • The most common infections occurring in fitness facilities, how these infections spread, and what their symptoms are
  • COVID-19 and special implications for fitness facilities: infection prevention and control during the COVID-19 pandemic, official guideline recommendations, and additional measures that might aid the optimal operation of fitness facilities during the pandemic
  • Ways in which different types of infection transmission can be minimized, and helpful suggestions for everyday practice and key areas of concern
  • Administrative policies for optimal infection prevention and control, how infection risks might be reduced by the optimal management of fitness facilities

Course Content


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