0.2 ACE CEC – Exercise and depression

0.2 ACE CEC continuing education course for American Council on Exercise certified fitness professionals on biomedically accurate and up-to-date information about the benefits of exercise for clients who have depression – scroll down for a detailed description

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  • Based on the latest scientific research
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American Council on Exercise approved continuing education courses ACE CECs

Course description

Many current and future fitness clients may struggle with diagnosed or undiagnosed depression or have sub-threshold depressive symptoms. Exercise has long been recognized as beneficial for physical health, and scientific evidence has been accumulating on its positive effects on mental health. As such, it is important that fitness professionals are familiar with the relationship between exercise and depression.

Society in general and the fitness industry in particular have recognized the importance of mental health. This is a major achievement in order to reduce stigma and encourage people with depression to get help.  This course was developed for fitness professionals so that they can support their clients who have depression to get the best possible results based on the latest scientific evidence.

The course was designed and developed by EpiConsult LLC, a biomedical consulting and medical communications agency. The course content was created by a team of experts and athletes from various fields, including, but not limited to, medicine, biochemistry, public health, epidemiology, and endurance and strength sports. The course material is based on solid scientific data and the results of research studies published in peer-reviewed scientific publications.

Course Objectives

Participants who take this course will:

  • develop a good understanding of how and why exercise helps with depression
  • familiarize themselves with specific techniques for getting great outcomes in a variety of exercise types
  • understand how to overcome common hurdles when working with clients who have depression

Course Content

  • What is clinical depression?
  • How is depression treated?
  • Does exercise work for depression?
  • The physiology of exercise and mood
  • Techniques for working with depressed clients
  • Training with clients who have depression
    • Resistance training,
    • Cardio,
    • HIIT (high intensity interval training),
    • Mind-body practices
  • New horizons: emerging trends in the future of exercise and depression
  • Conclusion
  • Further reading and reference
  • Quiz

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